3D Printed Evidence

Tangible Forensic Anatomical Exhibits for Legal Professionals. It's a Game Changer!

3D Printed Model of a brain tumor made from a medical scan
3D Printed Model -spinal bifada
3D Printed Model of a Foot made from a medical scan

Forensic Video Law introduces 3D Printed Medical Exhibits!

MRIs & CT scans are typically used by attorneys to explain injuries and medical procedures: however, the flat images can be a challenge for the average person to understand.
As Legal Forensic Experts, we understand these struggles and are committed to offering the latest, cutting edge technologies to aide in providing greater insight and clarity. Using the DICOM data from your client’s CT scan or MRI, we’ll create an accurate 3D printed medical trial exhibit of the injured area.


3D Printed Replicas are a Game Changer!

A juror’s ability to hold, feel and examine 3D Printed Medical Evidence can greatly increase their ability to comprehend the extent of an injury or trauma. The tiniest fracture, recess or gap can be seen and felt; making a powerful impact.


Wayne Grant, Grant Law Office - Atlanta, GA

Wayne Grant, Grant Law Office
Atlanta, GA

"I am a long-time medical malpractice lawyer. In a spinal surgery gone bad case, we asked James to prepare a 3D model showing a post-surgical view of the spine. The model tells the whole story. You can hold it in your hand and show what was done wrong in a way that words, photos or illustrations cannot match. This is powerful evidence!"
3D Printed Model of the hip made from a medical scan
3D Printed Model of a fibula made from a medical scan


Applications of a 3D Printed Model for Attorneys

Savvy legal professionals are utilizing 3D printing technology for:

  • Anatomical models of traumatic injuries.
  • Accurate, to scale models of the scene of an accident or a crime.
  • Reconstructing evidence from a digital images
  • Physical 3D printed models of vehicles damaged in an accident.


Benefits to using 3D Models in Litigation or at Trial:

  • Conveying injuries not easily understood by non-medical personnel.
  • A jury can hold the model of the injury and see it from all angles
  • Communicates more information than a photograph and can be less disturbing for a jury to view.
  • Shows the full scope of an injury.
  • Preserves evidence for the jury to see.
  • Takes a flat image and transforms it into a accurate, visual model that can greatly increase a jury’s understanding.
  • Provides a jury with tangible evidence



Printed 3D Model FAQs

  1. What type of images do I need to get a 3D model of an injury?
    Acceptable Modalites are:
    • CT/CAT
    • MRI
    • PET
  2. What Affects Accuracy of Models?
    • Slice thickness of 2mm or less (Younger/smaller patients require thinner slices)
    • Artifacts present (bloom, streak, intensity inhomogeneity, motion, .etc)
  3. Which Modalities are Best to use for my Model?
    • CT/CAT scan is best for bone models. Contrast can aid in visualizing some soft tissues.
    • MRI scan is best for soft tissue models. Contrast can aid in visualizing specific soft tissues.
    • PET scan is best for visualizing location of tumors. Must be used in conjunction with CT or MRI to produce results.
  4. Is there a slice thickness requirement?
    • We are unable to create a 3D printed model with scans that have a slice thickness of more than 2mm. There simply isn’t enough detail in the images to create an accurate replica of the anatomy.
    • Smaller patients like children and infants require slice thickness of 1mm or less.
  5. What else do I need to know?
    • All images must be in DICOM (.dcm) format.
    • All images must be in slice format (no single images)
    • CT scan data with contrast typically yields the fastest results.
  6. What is the turnaround time for a 3D-printed model from a medical scan?
    • Typically we can get the model to you within 7 days, after proof approval.


The Cost of 3D Printed Forensic Evidence Starts at $950

Forensic Video Law strives to provide its clients with an affordable service to increase the value to your client’s case. Your 3d printed evidence could cost as little as $950 and add tens of thousands, or more, to a settlement offer.

Call Forensic Video Law to learn more about 3D printed exhibits and how you can leverage this cutting-edge technology to add value to your case.