$6,650,000 Settled Using Video

By James R Jenkins. May 8, 2019

Fred Bergen of Bergen and Bergen

$6,650,000 Settled Using Video

Attorneys- Fred Bergen of Bergen & Bergen and Carl Varnedoe of Jones Osteen Jones

After viewing our video presentation, the defense said, “We didn't bring enough money. Can we take the video back to the company?" The result was a huge settlement.

Edited: Eight Police Body Cameras of Collision Scene Video

Dramatic footage of two small traumatized

girls, their dying father and severely injured mother. Defendant "Century Transport" pays $5,650,000 over policy limits!

After a tragic multi-vehicle collision on I-16 near Savannah, Georgia police arrived on the scene wearing body cameras with cameras in their vehicles, including audio. What they saw was horrific, and those images of the Youmans family were captured by eight different police officers and their vehicles. Two young girls bleeding on the side of the road crying for their mommy and daddy. Both were in pain and after 20 minutes the distraught girls were finally taken off the collision site. Police also captured dramatic footage of firefighters using the jaws of life to free their father from the crushed vehicle. His wife is laying next to him moaning in pain in the video and she is finally extracted from the vehicle screaming.




Carl R. Varnedoe, Jones Osteen Jones
Carl R. Varnedoe, Jones Osteen Jones


Forensic Video Law was hired to make an exhibit out of hours of raw footage for an upcoming mediation. After converting and enhancing all video clips to their best quality, a storyboard was created that showed the Youmans' vehicle with masses of police and emergency personnel, flashing red lights and people yelling commands for help. This initial scene was to orientate the viewer, then we went to the two young girls crying on the side of the road using the most powerful clips. This extremely demonstrative video footage was incorporated with the very graphic video footage of Mr. Youmans' body being extracted and his wife's screams, all put into the proper time sequence. The final run time was six minutes.


Veteran attorneys Fred Bergen and Carl Varnedoe had a $1 million policy to work with but knew the case was worth much more. At mediation Fred and Carl played the video they had produced.


“The room was silent for some time after the video presentation ended and within a short time the defense said, we didn't bring enough money” stated attorney Carl Varnedoe. The defense then requested to take the video back to their company.  Mr. Bergen said, "Sure I have a copy right here on this thumb drive." After the video was passed up the ladder, negotiations hit their peak. The case settled for $5.65 million above policy limits - for a total of $6.65 million! 


Fred Bergen and James R Jenkins

James Jenkins & Fred Bergen


Conclusion: When working a motor vehicle case, please remember to get all police or emergency personnel body camera or vehicle cameras. “It takes some time and effort but you can't put a price on real life, emotionally stirring, dramatic documentation of a client's damages.” stated James R Jenkins. A professional forensic video production company should be used because many times this type of footage comes on multiple formats and has to be converted and enhanced if possible, for best quality. A professional forensic editor and producer is also critical for creating the proper story boards to ensure admissibility and maximum impact.


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