1 & 2 Camera Legal Video Depositions

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Single and Double Feed Deposition Video

Benefits of a Video Deposition at Trial

Capturing your witness and expert testimony on video is critical when presenting your facts to the jury. Video depositions provide an accurate visual and audio account of a witness' statement. Body language, expressions and voice inflections can be as, if not more, telling as their actual words. Video depositions are also useful in maintaining the viewer's attention (as opposed to reading a written statement) and are more persuasive.

Additional advantages to a deposition on video:

  • Accommodate a witness who may be unavailable during trial.
  • Expert witness testimony on video is often less expensive than their appearance in court.
  • Assess and fine-tune presentations and witness testimony.


Video Deposition Equipment

Videotaped depositions are valuable tools. One camera depositions are good when shot at maximum quality, but multiple camera depositions are better.

The best video deposition utilizes more than one camera feed. The first camera is fixated on the witness; recording the deposition in its entirety. A second video feed highlights exhibits and personalizes the attorney during a deposition. Utilizing the feeds from multiple cameras is ideal as it delivers a more complete picture and provides a high quality visual representation of the session.


Video Deposition Example

Two Camera Deposition with Jamie Holland and Julie Harrell of Harrell and Harrell.


video deposition being filmed
setting up for a 2 camera video deposition
2 video camera deposition work


Cost of Video Deposition

Forensic Video Law Deposition Rates*


Time Cost
1st Hour $199.00
Each Additional Hour $99.00
*Additional cost for travel may apply.


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