Mediation Video Documentaries

Presenting the facts of your case in a concise, factual and emotionally compelling documentary gives the defense a look at what you are prepared to do at trial. Be prepared and let's settle your case!

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Roy Lott Former Railroad Worker
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Mediation Videos

This is the complete package. Powerful before and after, witnesses, liability and damage experts, day in the life footage, cemetery documentation, 3D animation and reenactments, professional voice overs and much more. Show the other side you are prepared for trial and increase the value of your case with a professional forensic Mediation Documentary. We Settle Cases!

Mediation Documentary: Railroad Taxi Case


Why You Should Be Using Video

One of the most effective and influential forms of demonstrative evidence is video.

The infographic below outlines the reasons why video is so impactful.

Why You should be using Video - Infographic


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