Site Inspections

Environmental, Infrastructure, Construction, Accident and Agriculture Site Inspections

James Jenkins Site Inspection wearing hardhat
James with video camera for site inspection
site inspection train

Video Site Inspections

A professionally produced Site Inspection video is an influential and powerful piece of evidence in court. They accurately capture and document a scene, such as a construction site or accident scene, to add clarity to your case. Site Inspection videos are impactful and aid in bringing about a favorable case outcome.



Tesmarc inspection
James video inspection Tesmarc
site inspection Tesmarc Explosion


Drone Site Inspections

Aerial high-resolution videos via drones for Site Inspections are rapidly growing in popularity. Using a drone, you can obtain imagery that you would otherwise be unable to capture. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) provides a cost effective and safe alternative when performing visual inspections.

Drone Site Inspection
Drone Site Inspection


When you need a professionaly produced video site inspection in Jacksonville, FL or anywhere in the U.S., you need Forensic Video Law.