ZOOM Video Deposition Must Knows!
The Terror Defeated by FVL

By James R Jenkins. March 3, 2021

Conducting a Zoom Video Deposition

The Terror of The Digital Deposition Defeated by FVL

Not all video conferencing software is supported for recording and therefore you may be forced to cancel the virtual video deposition or opt to not have it recorded. This is not acceptable! Forensic Video Law (FVL) has overcome the real terror of a botched video deposition and uses cutting edge equipment to digitally record in HD with back-up options.


Easy to use computer applications like Zoom Video Conferencing have high speed/5G + service incorporated with the digital internet world to make it possible for many of us to conduct depositions with critical witnesses remotely and most important VIRTUALLY, during the COVID-19 crisis. There are a variety of platforms being utilized to conduct remote meetings. Below are the most common ones used today.


  • ZOOM

Lee County Jail.

Each video conferencing software has a different set of requirements and benefits. FVL personally recommends using ZOOM for its ease of use, quality, reliability and security. ZOOM has become a household name and is used synonymously with other video applications, but BEWARE using it interchangeably can be disastrous.


A legal videographer needs to know beforehand which software to use so that they can decide which additional equipment is needed for the deposition. There is also the possibility that a videographer is unfamiliar with one of the alternatives to ZOOM. This makes it critical to find out which video communication platform will be used and relay that information to the digital operator for confirmation.


Forensic Video Law is the vanguard of digital recordings for video depositions and interviews in legal cases. If you are a newbie to remote meetings and ZOOM, we suggest you take a few moments to read our blog article, “ZOOM Meetings, A New Era of Forensic Video Litigation ”.


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James Jenkins and Sheila Davenport in Jacksonville.