Day in the Life Videos

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James filming child for a day in a life
James filming a day in the life video in bathroom
James filming boys therapy for a Day in the Life Personal Injury video

A Day in the Life Video Makes a Dramatic Impact

Welcome to Forensic Video Law, where we harness the power of visual storytelling to strengthen your personal injury cases. We understand the significance of presenting persuasive evidence that goes beyond words on a page. That's why we specialize in crafting impactful video accounts that vividly depict your client's injuries and day-to-day struggles, leaving a lasting impression.


Our honest representation and authentic approach captures the facts in a visually compelling manner, showcasing the true effects of a personal injury. Through the skillful use of photographs and video, we provide a comprehensive representation of your client's journey, demonstrating the profound impact of the injury on their daily life. The use of photographs and video in a courtroom has become routine; however, the quality and content of the evidence are key factors in the effectiveness of a day in the life legal video for personal injury cases. Our day in the life legal videos are meticulously crafted to deliver maximum effectiveness, ensuring that the story unfolds with utmost clarity and emotional resonance.


Led by James R Jenkins, a seasoned professional with more than 30 years of experience, Forensic Video Law has collaborated with numerous law offices nationwide, producing over 500 compelling Day in the Life videos. James's unwavering dedication has always been to create factual and emotionally moving documentaries that maximize the plaintiff's recovery. With his expertise and our commitment to excellence, we strive to provide you with the most powerful visual narratives that leave a lasting impact on the minds and hearts of those who determine the outcome of your case.


A video account of your client's injuries and day to day struggles provides persuasive evidence that can considerably increase the monetary damages awarded. Choose Forensic Video Law to unleash the full potential of visual evidence and elevate the strength of your personal injury cases. Contact us today.

therapy in wheelchair filmed for a Day in the Life legal video in a personal injury case
Woman in hospital bed being filmed for a Day in the Life legal video for a personal injury case.
woman in wheelchair exiting van recorded as part of a Day in the Life personal injury video.

A Day in the Life Video Project

James approaches each video project with the desire to bring the plaintiff's injury and circumstances to life. His HD videos serve as demonstrative evidence that accurately portray the physical, emotional and financial impacts associated with the injury.

Your client’s Day in the Life personal injury video captures their daily living activities, including therapies, dressing, transfers and use of any necessary equipment. Videos can also include before and after photographs as well as interviews with family members, caregivers, doctors and therapists. Once filming is complete, a video editor expertly prepares the footage for presentation to an insurance adjuster or jury. Upon its completion, the 12-17 minute program can be introduced into evidence at trial. A Day in the Life video can also be shown to the jury and introduced into evidence through various witnesses at trial, i.e. caregiver, spouse, doctor, life-care expert

Day in the Life Video Examples

Admissibility of Day in the Life Legal Video

While the advantages of video evidence in the form of a day in the life documentary are undeniable, the question as to the admissibility of a day in the life video does come up. In order for a day in the life video to be entered into evidence, it must meet the following criteria:

The film must be authentic; the identities of any person, place or item shown must be identified and the footage must accurately depict the plaintiff.
The video must help others to understand the subject or issue.
Probative Value Outweighs Prejudice
The day in the life legal documentary must prove or help to prove the issue and it outweighs any confusion or prejudice effect that may result from the video.

Day in the life video evidence is in fact admissible, but due to the requirements mentioned above, it is imperative that you choose a professional legal videographer to produce your client's day in the life video evidence.

How to do a Day in the Life Video for a Personal Injury Case

A Day in the Life Video for a personal injury case delivers an emotional and compelling view of a client's difficulties and hardships due to an injury. James R Jenkins is a true professional who has produced hundreds of successful day in the life videos for attorneys nationwide. Contact James to find out how he can help add value to your case.


Whether you are in Jacksonville, Florida; Savannah, Georgia; Los Angeles, California; or anywhere within the United States, James can assist you with your legal day in the life video production services for personal injury or medical malpractice..