Forensic Video Enhancement

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Car accident at an intersection highlighted in a screenshot
2 car accident image capture
cars on fire in road

Forensic Video Enhancement: Surveillance Footage Editing

From security, surveillance and cell phone camera footage to 911 audio, Forensic Video Law is your credible source for all of your video enhanced and demonstrative evidence needs. We have the ability to capture, edit, slow motion, sharpen, brighten, highlight and many other options when it comes to making your video look its best!

James R. Jenkins- Forensic Video Producer

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Smoking Gun Video Shows Reporter Cross the Line

Working for Donald Trump, we cleared his campaign manager of all charges!

Video Enhancement Services

Video Surveillance cameras and smartphones are everywhere and the footage captured by them is widely used by police departments and attorneys across the country. The problem; however, is that the images are often dark and difficult to see. Forensic Video Law provides expert quality video enhancement and image clarification of surveillance videos using state of the art equipment combined with decades of experience.

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Video Enhancement and Restoration Examples

Traffic cam video screen shots of accident under freeway
bizzare car accident image from traffic video cam
2 car wreck on highway
car wreck closer look

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