Jury Returns a $4.91 Million Verdict!

By James R Jenkins. August 1, 2018

Medical Malpractice: $4.91 million verdict

CASE STUDY: Day in the Life Video Documentary for Medical Malpractice: Polk County, Florida

RESULT: $4.91 Million Verdict

OBJECTIVE: Produce a Day in the Life Video for mediation and trial highlighting the struggles of a below the knee amputee.


Searcy Law Post Verdict with Clients

OVERVIEW: In order to accurately demonstrate the clients’ damages, Ed Ricci, of Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley contacted James Jenkins. Mr. Ricci had three defendants, two that needed a significant push to settle and the third was going to be difficult, so he needed something for trial as well. James and his team at Forensic Video Law created a high-quality fact-based video to persuade the defense at mediation and help the jury really understand the difficulties now faced by the plaintiff.

The 15-minute documentary used at mediation included interviews of family, friends, and collogues; photographs of the plaintiff pre and post amputation; extensive day in the life documentation; and commentary discussing the changes to his life as well as the challenges, obstacles and limitations he must now endure. Also produced were trial exhibits using segments of the same day in the life footage for visual aides to assist the plaintiff while in front of the jury.



FINALIZATION: Two out of the three defendants settled immediately after viewing the mediation video documentary. The third defendant opted to take his chances at trial. Sections of the Day in the Life video were used to describe and illustrate the plaintiff’s life as an amputee as he testified before the jury with great impact. Defense Counsel’s gamble, going to trial, did not pay off. The jury spoke and returned with a $4.91 million verdict!


Edward Ricci

Medical Malpractice


“Without a doubt, Forensic Video Law knows how to put together a compelling factual video documentary that really works for mediation and trial. Forensic Video Law is my double-edged sword and their unique perspective gets real results.


I could not have explained to the jury and made them really

understand my clients’ damages if it were not for the Day in the Life

video produced by James Jenkins. I look forward to future projects

with James and his team.”


Personalizing your client in a professional factual video to settle a case for your target number is what we do at Forensic Video Law. If you have any questions or would like to discuss what James can do for you, give us a call.