Admissibility of Day in My Life
Videos at Trial

By James R Jenkins. October 15, 2016

James filming Day in My Life video at hospital

While the advantages of video evidence in the form of a day in my life documentary are undeniable, the question as to the admissibility of a day in the life video does come up. You can't create a documentary that is filled with fluff and expect the judge to give the thumbs up.

In order for a day in my life video to be entered into evidence, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Authentication
    The video documentary must be authentic; the identities of any person, place or item shown must be identified and the footage must accurately depict the plaintiff.
  • Relevance
    The video must help others to understand the subject or issue.
  • Probative Value Outweighs Prejudice
    The documentary must prove or help to prove the issue and it outweighs any confusion or prejudice effect that may result from the video.

Day in my life video evidence has been proven to retain a jury's attention the most effectively, and at trial that is what you want! If you have questions about this topic, I would be glad to share my 25 years of experience with you.

By James R. Jenkins October 15, 2016