Unlock the power of video evidence with Forensic Video Law.

 Legal Settlement/Mediation Video Services

Mediation/Settlement Videos

Maximize your case value.

Day in the Life Legal Video Services

Day in the Life Videos

Capture client damages.

Pain Management Procedure Video Services

Pain Management Procedures

Document your client's treatments.



Drone Video Services

Drone Video Services

Give your facts the wow factor.

IME & CME Video Services

IME & CME Videos

Keep the medical experts honest.

Video and audio forensic enhancement services

Video Forensic Enhancement

If you can see it, we can enhance it.



On-Site Inspection Video Services

Site Inspections

Capture simple to complex processes.

Video Deposition Services in persona and via ZOOM


Keep the jury's attention.

Promotional Website Video Services

Website Videos

Video on the Internet is critical for success.



Accident Site Reconstruction Services

Collision Site Reconstruction

A crucial component for cases involving motor vehicles.

Property Documentation Services

Property Documentation

An accurate record of the contents of your home.

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James, the seasoned producer and proprietor of Forensic Video Law based in Jacksonville, Florida, boasts three decades of expertise in professional forensic video services. With a BA degree in Videography from the University of Central Florida, he has successfully crafted numerous multi-million dollar documentaries for attorneys nationwide. Specializing in intricate forensic litigation, James oversees the meticulous creation of day in the life legal videos, legal mediation videos, and other comprehensive legal services from conception to execution.

James R Jenkins owner/operator of Forensic Video Law



Enhance Your Legal Strategy with Premier Legal Video Services


Elevate the effectiveness of your legal presentation with our top-tier Legal Video Services. Our adept team of legal videographers leverages cutting-edge technology to craft and present intricate material via persuasive visual evidence. Elevate your case's persuasiveness with high-definition (HD) demonstrative video evidence, showcasing your client’s narrative with unparalleled clarity and impact. Rely on our expertise in legal video services to distill complex legal concepts into straightforward, compelling visuals that deliver a powerful message beyond the capacity of words alone. Experience the transformative effect of professional legal video services on your case's outcome..

Our comprehensive suite of services caters to all your legal video needs, including high-definition video depositions, award-winning Day in the Life legal videos, mediation videos designed to facilitate dispute resolution, aerial drone footage, and IME/CME video documentation. Forensic Video Law, your trusted video production company, also specializes in video and audio enhancement, along with meticulous property documentation.

Whether your case necessitates the nuanced storytelling of Day in the Life legal videos, the persuasive power of legal mediation videos, or the detailed representation of legal proceedings through our legal video services, our team at Forensic Video Law stands ready to support your legal endeavors with unparalleled visual solutions. Partner with us to harness the full potential of legal video services and secure a decisive advantage in your legal presentations.

Why Choose Us

For over three decades, James R. Jenkins has been synonymous with professional, high-quality legal video services, making him a trusted partner for attorneys across
the United States. His dedication to excellence and ability to convey complex legal narratives through powerful visual storytelling set him apart in the field, ensuring
that every client receives unparalleled support to achieve their legal objectives.


James' Success

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Value of Cases Throughout James' Career= $1.6 Billion


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