Disputed Liability

Settled for $1.1 Million

By James R Jenkins. May 28, 2023

Jami Holland's $2.35 Million Success at Trial using video evidence


Unveiling the Power of Evidence in Disputed Liability Cases

Proving liability in any case has always been critical, and today I want to share with you a remarkable success story that highlights the power of preparation and visual evidence in disputed liability cases. This story revolves around trial attorney Lyle Long of Long, Jean & Wechsler, P.A. from Pompano Beach, Florida, who recently achieved a staggering $1.1 million dollar settlement for his client in a motor vehicle collision case, despite the defense offering an insulting $65,000.

Preparing for Disputed Liability Battles: A Winning Strategy

Lyle's exceptional handling of the case began with swift action, obtaining key pieces of evidence that would later prove pivotal in establishing liability. He managed to secure the police body cam footage, which captured the vehicles and his injured client on video, as well as toll booth surveillance footage of the defendant vehicle. To strengthen the toll booth footage, Lyle enlisted the expertise of Forensic Video Law, employing advanced graphics and forensic enhancement techniques that conclusively demonstrated the defendant had run a red light.


Lyle Long of Long, Jean & Wechsler, P.A.




Additionally, Lyle took the defendant's deposition and skillfully exposed his multiple lies using audio recordings of witnesses, ultimately proving his lack of credibility. Armed with this compelling evidence and a client who had suffered major physical damages, including fractures and requiring surgery, Lyle embarked on the path to mediation.


From $65,000 to $1.1 Million: Mastering Disputed Liability

Understanding the significance of visual storytelling in proving disputed liability, Lyle once again collaborated with Forensic Video Law to create a professionally scripted and edited HD Mediation Video. Combining the enhanced toll booth footage, selected defendant video deposition clips, audio recordings of fact witnesses, and high-end graphics, James Jenkins crafted a powerful 9-minute presentation that left the defense overwhelmed. The undeniable weight of the evidence presented in the mediation video led to the defense settling the case for $1.1 million dollars.


Unlocking Successful Settlements with Forensic Video Law

At Forensic Video Law, we are committed to your clients' future and providing you with the tools and expertise necessary to secure successful settlements. Our mission is to visually showcase your clients' cases, allowing the facts to speak for themselves and ensuring a strong foundation for achieving favorable outcomes.

We invite you to reach out to us today to discuss how we can assist you in preparing for your upcoming disputed liability cases. Together, we can strengthen your position, present compelling evidence, and secure the settlements your clients deserve.