How to Prove Your Case is 50%+ Liability
HB837-SB236 Solutions

By James R Jenkins. April 19, 2023

Conducting a Zoom Video Deposition

HB837-SB236 Solutions

URGENT: Disturbing new laws HB837 & SB236 are devastating countless innocent Floridians, robbing them of the money they need to survive. But now it’s time to fight back!! Liability plus pain and suffering are more important than ever and we have developed a new set of fact based, hard hitting professional video presentations that are extremely cost effective in this new era of legal chess.

"The defense has to be shocked into negotiations now because they think they have the upper hand. There is no better way to let the defense know I am serious than by using a professionally produced brief video, to give them basically a mini-trial of my case and prove it has more than 51% + liability!
They want a fight; I will give them one.”


Jamie Holland / Holland Law
Jamie Holland, Holland Law


Lee County Jail.

Forensic Video Law wants to help our plaintiff attorneys and is now offering reduced pricing on our high-quality video presentations, capturing critical footage for your possible 50% + cases. These HD video exhibits include day in the life footage, a brief before section with liability as a segue to a powerful damages section. This also includes surgical procedures, animations, pain management injections, graphics and music. These critical presentations will give you the best possible chance of real negotiations.



Our multi-level video presentations will knock the socks off of the other side and keep your cost low.
We have weathered the last 30 years of tort reforms and came out on top. Let us show the defense your case is worthy of successful mediation and that you are ready for trial. Tort reform will not stop you from obtaining justice!
Ready to fight? James Jenkins, owner and operator of Forensic Video Law has produced more than 500 Day in the Life documentaries for attorneys across the United States. Call today to discuss your case.


James Jenkins and Taylor Foote shooting video