IME & CME Evaluations
Pain Management Injections

Certified Medical Examinations (CME) & Independent Medical Examinations (IME)

In a personal injury or medical malpractice case, medical exams of the injured plaintiff are commonly part of the discovery tools permitted at trial. A Compulsory Medical Examination, or CME, is an evaluation requested by either the plaintiff's insurance carrier or the carrier of the defendant. An Independent Medical Examination (IME) is an evaluation/examination of the plaintiff requested by his or her own insurance carrier.

James getting ready to video a pain management injection procedure
radio frequency ablation
James Jenkins documents an injection procedure using video

Why Videotape a Medical Exam?

Videotaping the exam allows the attorney to compare the exam performed by the IME physician with that of the plaintiff's treating physician.


Pain Management Video Services

Capturing a pain management procedure is critical for the documentation of a legal case and one of the most cost effective trial exhibits being offered today. Focus your jury's attention on your client's life long pain management treatments.

    WARNING: This video contains graphic content



A video for just $215.00 can substantially increase the value of your case.


  1. Trigger Point Injections
  2. Epidural Steroid Injections
  3. Radio Frequency Ablation Injections
  4. Physical & Occupational Therapies
  5. Surgical Procedures


Our expert forensic videographers are trusted by leading personal injury law firms to document medical procedures of all types for their clients.


NEW! Pain Management Video Series

Our series contains 10 (4K or HD) forensic video exhibits of the most common pain management procedures performed today. These injections are extremely graphic and viewer discretion is advised. Also available are over 150 high resolution photo images for use in Power Point presentations and more. When purchasing our videos or photos, the entire firm is licensed and all members of the current law firm can use media.

    WARNING: This video contains graphic content



Videos start at $249.00 and photo image packs are just $100!



These high quality 4K and HD presentations are the gold standard of pain management injection therapies used for educating a jury or insurance adjuster with great success.


Our focus is to increase the value of your cases!


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James R Jenkins provides expert video IME & CME evaluation documentation as well as Pain Management videos in Jacksonville, FL and nationwide.