Promotional Website Videos

Promotional website video in progress
James and Bruce shooting promotional photos and video
James Jenkins shooting promotional video

Website Videos for Lawyers

Website videos are highly desired by internet users. Any business with a website knows that having online video is essential. Today, consumers expect and demand video.

Benefits to Video on Your Website:

  • Appeals to prospective clients
  • Demonstrates your persuasive powers
  • More authoritive than written words
  • Connects you with potential clients
  • Grabs the viewers attention
  • Increases firm/attorney awareness
  • Effective promotional tool

Below are two of the promotional videos that Forensic Video Law did for Attorney At Law Magazine. The videos are from a six part series interviewing Bob Spohrer and Roger Dodd for the latest cover story in First Coast.

Hire an Expert to Produce Your Promo Video

Forensic Video Law uses state-of-the-art sound and recording equipment and professional lighting to create the highest quality video for our clients. Our team of producers, editors and videographers are committed to excellence and delivering an outstanding finished product for your website and/or social channels.


Want a powerful promotional video for your website? Let's get things rolling!